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Brian Craig is a Conservative Talk Radio Host, and has been on the Air in Morning Drive for 25 years in South Florida and is on the air weekday mornings.
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Welcome to The Brian Craig Show Podcast.  Brian Craig is a Conservative Talk Radio Host and has been on the Air for 25 years.

Jul 11, 2016

Our guests are Diamond & Silk from the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign.

They tell us that Black Lives Matter isn't a real organization and that Blacks need to get off the Democrat Plantation.

We also talk about Michael Savage being inducted into the Radio Hall Of Fame.

George Takei is upset that Mr. Sulu is Gay in the new movie "Star Trek Beyond"

Jul 7, 2016

Our first guest is Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore.  Mattilda is Transgendered and is against Transgendered people serving in the military.

I ask Mattilda what bathroom she uses at Target.

Our second guest is a black man voting for Donald Trump, and founder of the Facebook Group, "Minorities for Trump."  He wants all blacks and other minorities to vote for Donald Trump.

We also talk about Gretchen Carlson of FoxNews accusing Roger Ailes of FoxNews wanting sex in exchange for a new contract.

Jul 5, 2016

Jerome Corsi is our guest. His new book is "Partners in Crime: The Clintons Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit."

He details the Clinton Crime Family setting up a money laundering operation with The Clinton Foundation.

Kathy and I talk ask why "Black Lives Matter," doesn't comment on the over 50 shootings of black people in Chicago over 4th of July Weekend.

I talk about my experience at the Justin Bieber concert in Miami over the weekend.

Jul 2, 2016

Elizabeth Warren is not an Indian.  Our Guest is a Genealogist with the Cherokee Nation who has done extensive research on Elizabeth Warren's entire family going back generations.  Her research has proven Elizabeth Warren is not an Indian.

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